Apr. 14th, 2013

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The wedding threw me off my writing groove. I'd been reading all of these books 'n stuff...and then a week ago I just had this urge to drop it all off a cliff. =P I've wanted to write, but I have this regular schedule now, and it's all days with weekends off. ZOMG! So, all the time I'd normally be writing while the boys are at work/school is taken up with...work. And dammit, I'm a newlywed! I don't want to get lost on the computer while my husband is home.

Anyway, I ended up rereading CCS...I picked up the Dark Horse omnibus editions but never got around to reading the whole thing. And that got me thinking of old fanfics...

And last week I just sat around and reread old fics I've written. Finished ones. And...they're still good. Not GREAT or anything, but very much worth the read. Kinda fun if not too involved or convoluted. Interesting twists, fast paced, etc...

Well, that made me want to go back and reread other things I've loved. Last night I finished rereading The Labyrinth by Peacewish. Oh, I had forgotten just how good that one was. In fact, I don't think I stopped and appreciated all the detail she put into her stories before. I am a HORRIBLE person, and I used to have this terrible habit of skimming or skipping large blocks of text...and I was guilty of that in too many of her stories. And what I found this read through was GLORIOUS! What a treat. :D

I really need to finish Zettai Daijobu. Like...now. Before I keep adding large blocks of text to Elemental. I owe Peacewish, and any other fans who have patiently waited for that fic. And anyone who will find it only after it is finished. The chapters are so short and easy, from my current perspective. I have NOTES! (Seriously, this fic was a huge turning point for me. Planning and I never used to mix. At all. Ever.) (We're talking oil and water. For reals.)

So, yeah. I can do this. I WILL do this. And I will finish it and put it out on LJ for folks, and then ff.n and maybe Tsukimine Shrine, and...this will be a good thing. This fic and Riding the Wave have been hanging off my back, holding me back, dragging me...I will finish them.

And then revisions on Elemental will be a piece of cake.


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