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Last week, Richard asked my family's permission to marry me. As in, started out with Anakin, since he's the most important. (Anakin is not entirely keen on the idea, but he's not exactly protesting either. It's all a bit much for him, and he's got some concerns, but he also wants me to be happy, and I can tell he really likes the idea of being a part of Richard's family except for one small problem...he's got a small crush on the one girl who will become his cousin. hehe)

Then he asked my dad's permission, which apparently completely tickled my dad because nobody ever asked him before. Or even took his opinion into account.

Then, since my parents are divorced, he called my mom.

Then, because my mom isn't nearly all that mature or responsible, he called my sister.

And, of course, he called his own son.

Then my brother, because my sis-in-law was feeling left out.

Followed by [profile] umilingual because she's an ex-roommate of both of ours, one of my best friends, and someone we both love and respect a lot.

And then his best friend, Moose.

I called his mom after that, not entirely sure what to say to her because he technically hadn't asked *me* yet. But since he was calling everyone under the sun, it didn't seem fair that I didn't call anyone.

And he still hasn't asked me. Technically. Later that night, he asked me a couple of times, "So, how do you feel about it?" And I gave playful, somewhat avoiding answers, because holy shit I was scared.

Terrified, really.

But that's okay. So was he. Even if he didn't act like it. I know him well enough now.

Tuesday we went out and bought rings. My engagement ring should be sized by next Wednesday. There will be pics on Facebook.

We have a tentative date. It's nerdy, so I hope I'll remember it. We are thinking about having it in Las Vegas, to make it easier for people who will have to travel from other parts of the country. We have our invitations narrowed down to a handful. We wrote our first list of people to invite, and then we'll take those lists to our parents to fill in the blanks like great-uncles or great-aunts who might want to at least send gifts.

He called me Mrs. last night in an intimate moment, and while I protested that it's not yet, it was still a huge turn-on.

So...he still hasn't asked me, yet. Not really. And I still haven't given him an answer yet.

But we both know it's yes.
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