Nov. 26th, 2008 04:55 pm
tamchronin: (Inara)
It only bugs me a tiny little bitty insignificant amount that only one person here remembered my birthday, because yesterday was just about the best birthday ever. ♥

I got WoW CCG cards (including the picnic basket loot card), I got a Black Knight plushie with removable arms and legs, I got a new alarm clock and socks and a tea kettle, and I got lunch and dinner out, and I got the Belgariad, and I got to see Twilight, and there was NO DRAMA!

It rained a little, but not while I was outside. Just enough to clean the air and make everything smell good and fresh and clean, and add a bit of a chill to the air.

And I topped it all off with some writing.

I still haven't gotten my gift from my dad, and I got the WotLK collector's edition for my birthday early, but it was a real *birthday* this time around, instead of a quiet day where I try to forget the world around me and celebrate just the weekend before or after.

I don't know if anyone else would understand that, but that's okay. I mean, the quality of my birthdays has been improving in the last few years, but yesterday was probably the best, honestly. And I didn't want to post about it yesterday and jinx it, but it really was just an awesome birthday, ON my birthday.

So. I'm incredibly happy. Yay, me! hehe


Nov. 27th, 2006 04:19 pm
tamchronin: coctail umbrella captioned "pretty but pretty useless" (HP - collector's item)
Philosopher's Stone!

Finally, I can read the first HP novel the way it was intended, and giggle at all the cultural references I didn't know before/will now have to look up! hahaha

Thank you, Cheryl! It's a birthday present full of wonderful!


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