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Elemental is at just over 60,000 words, and I'm trying to start a war. I think it will run another 15k-20k words, and I want to flesh out a few things once I'm done putting the story down "on paper". I need to finish writing down what all the holidays are, and maybe draw a map because the one in my head is still a little fuzzy.

I know what will happen at the end. I mostly know how to get everyone from point A to point B at this point, but I've still got a few hazy areas.

I love this story. I can't wait 'till it's in the shape of a book I'd love to read. It's close. But it's not there yet.

Friday was the boyfriend's birthday. We went on a road trip, which was a lot of fun. It gave me a few ideas for other novels, especially the Fae ones. Jalireth grew up in Tucson after he turned 9, and driving around Arizona gives me a feel for what he'd have seen better than sitting in my air conditioned apartment in the middle of the city does. One thing about writing: you can't write if all you do is sit behind a desk and stare at a computer. If you don't engage your own five senses, how can you make your reader feel like all five of theirs are engaged? =P

We've got clouds rolling in. It might storm tonight. It might not. It would be really cool if it does.

I hope more writing will happen later. For now my head hurts just a bit too much to keep going.
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Since I've already stuck my foot in my mouth...

Who else did I miss? ~cries~

Either my friends list is too full of WoW communities, or I was a lot busier than I thought I was. So, ridicule me now, for missing my birthday wishes. I fail at being a good friend. ~sniffle~

Forgive me, guys?

And THANK YOU to everyone who wished me a happy birthday. It worked, this year. ^_^


I don't want birthday wishes from 99% of my friends list. If I haven't wished you a happy birthday in the last five years, I don't exactly expect one in return. There are five people on my friends list I really wanted to hear from yesterday. That leaves two of you. ~glares~ Hop to it, bitches!


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