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Hey all, I'm back online.

Okay, sure, at this point nobody misses me when my connection is down for nearly 24 hours, because people assume I'm off doing other things. My life is defined by such chaos, these days. I like it like that.

But, I missed *you*! ~hugs friends~ ~hugs internet~

It was dark, alone, and scary. ;_; NOT in that fun Halloween way, either.

Anyway, I have a "witch" costume to put on, for the amusement of the Anakin.

I still can't decide what to write for NaNo. I guess I'll figure out which story I'm doing, when I start writing tomorrow morning. And, I MUST post 2000 words to my LJ before I'm allowed to get on WoW for the day. So, if you have any spare luck sitting around, please send some my way. (My priest isn't going to get to use her broom before it disappears, at this rate. ;_;)

~hugs everyone some more~
tamchronin: coctail umbrella captioned "pretty but pretty useless" (Satoshi - Trick or Treat)
Leave a comment saying "Trick or Treat!" with a Halloween/spooky/scary/seasonal/costume icon in it, and I'll write you a drabble! Just give me a fandom, a pairing, and a "trick" to put in it--a word or a phrase that might seem strange to the character--and I'll give you your treat! Feel free to put the same in your own journal if you like the idea.


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