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...and I just want to relax. :(

Everything has been getting so hectic, and it feels like I don't have time to breathe. I've been spending all my free time reading a series of books a friend recommended, which means I haven't gotten any writing done. I mean, you have to read to write. That's given. It's like saying you have to swim to dive in the Olympics. Big duh there.

And until a month ago, I hadn't been spending nearly enough time reading. Now that I'm caught up on that series, I want to write again. But I keep getting distracted by so many other things! It might be time to weed my Facebook list a bit, especially from all the political crap I've got on my feed.

I'll poke at it later. For now, I should sit down and write. Er, edit. Well, rewrite. My second draft is shiny, but it's just taking too long.
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Updating in little bits and reposts and pics here and there gets addictive. Facebook sees me more often than any other site, and not only for work. It's easy to sit there and let it all scroll past and share just that little tidbit that matters, or doesn't matter, or that word of wisdom you found at the bottom of your last bottle of beer.

When I sit down to write, and have time to do so, I try to put the energy into storytelling. When I have a random thought, it ends up in story notes, or up on Facebook.

Anywho, I had breakfast with my step-mom today. There's some evil badness there from my past, and from being a pretty messed-up teenager while my dad was dating and then married to someone not really ready to handle any of that. We really haven't gotten along well, and sometimes in a spectacular manner. Today went really well, though. Today I genuinely liked hanging out with her, and I think I'd like to do that again. I'm starting to understand her better, and that helps a lot. I think there are a few times I'd like to go back in time and smack the person I used to be, so I don't blame her so much for having such a hard time. We were raised *weird* when I was little...so...

Eh. It's a minor miracle I ended up not killing myself as a teenager, between the depression and the abuse. If I can wind up somewhere closer to normal, and at least able to function in society, it's a huge victory. I'll take that.

I'll always be weird. I just hope that it's not a *harmful* sort of weird. Or, at least one that Anakin can recover from, eventually. x_x And one that doesn't wind up with me being found a week later under a pile of crap I've "collected", being devoured by my 72 cats.


Setting that thought aside, we're going to try to head up north tomorrow to see snow. There was a storm last weekend, and apparently most of the snow melted this week, but we're not sure when we'll get another chance. Some snowy goodness is better than none at all. The weather just doesn't like my work schedule. That's all.

Okay, I *need* to finish The Arcane Wars soon. I still don't think it will ever be published, but I know a few people who would love to get some more background for Elemental...or just more story, period. I adore Krecek and Aral to itty bitty bits and pieces in this one, and Naran is *adorable*. So, yeah, must finish.

On that note, I think I've rambled enough. Work tonight is going to be insane, I'm sure. Some of the clients we have on my shift cater to party animals, so I'm going to need to put in as much relaxing as I can before it starts! Ciao for now!
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Watching CCS again. Just started second season. It's a nice reminder about why I love this show, and why the majority of my fanfic is for this show. ♥

Six! Where are you? My Eriol muse is lonely. ~sniffle~


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