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When I heard that it took David Eddings seven years to write Pawn of Prophecy (Belgariad #1) I have to admit I scoffed a little bit. "I could do that in my sleep!"

Okay, so I'm stupid.

It's taking me about that long, and longer, to write Elemental. Part of my world building included writing a novella.

Sure, a LOT has happened in that time, but if I can make this a full time career at some point I won't be able to make excuses.

My World of Warcraft subscription is running out and isn't going to be renewed. No more "obligation" to play just because I'm playing a fee for access on a regular basis. Writing is the priority.

Okay, my job is actually the priority since I kinda need that to keep food on the table and a roof over our heads, but...writing before gaming.

I want the second draft of Elemental to be done by next Sunday. That's my goal.

I can do this.

I will do this.

This is what I want to do with my life.
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I'm taking online classes through University of Phoenix. I'm aiming for a degree in programming. Umi talked me into it, when I was rejected for food stamps earlier in the week. And OH it feels so much better to try to pick myself up and brush myself off than to beg for help from unsympathetic jerks who don't understand the living situation I'm in right now. (It was humiliating enough asking for charity from the government, admitting I'm powerless and begging for help. It was BEYOND humiliating to then be rejected.)

Okay, truth be told I'm terrified of this decision. I'm putting myself in debt up to my eyebrows and there's no guarantee I'll get a computer job better than a phone tech support job in the end. I've seen others go through it, and it's scary competitive right now. But, it's better than sitting around and doing nothing more productive with my life than playing WoW. (Okay, raising Anakin is productive, but it's nothing more than what every other parent in the world does. It can't be my sole defining value. What sort of example is that to him, especially at his age?)

I was worried that my family wouldn't be supportive, but so far they're more excited than I am. (That's pretty damn excited, by the way. But, they're not going to be paying back my student loans, so...) They see that I'm doing something with my life, and no longer exchanging power for security. They see I want to better myself. The only negative thing I've heard is "University of Phoenix is a little overpriced..." but that's it. And it was half-hearted.

I'm finally taking responsibility for myself again, after all these years. It's a scary, but necessary step in not being a waste of space. If anyone's got some spare luck to send my way, I would appreciate it!


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