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So, it's anyone's guess, really, if I survived yesterday's attack. I mean, we *did* make a run for it, after all. That's always doom. ^_~

It was fun, and it looks like it'll happen again next year. It cut into my writing, but I think it was a worthwhile creative break. It certainly gave me writing ideas I hadn't entertained before.

In the mean time, I'm going to try to rig up a zombie control device for next year. ~grin~ Time to take over the world!
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One of our own was infected and hiding it.

We're making a run for it.

When we get to a new location, if I can I'll let people know.


M and I are driving out to my old high school, since it's mostly underground and easily defended. Cat, call me and let me know if you're there already, or if you think we should meet up where you're at.

Pray for us.


Jun. 13th, 2007 08:23 pm
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As I told an old friend of mine, we're safe and the mall is barricaded. I pulled a muscle in my arm, but I'll be fine. My big bad wolf cub met us there, and immediately started bitching even as he showed people how to pile the games against he doors at the Gameworks. He doesn't want to spend the rest of his life here.

Well, neither do I, really.

They decided I'd be in charge of communicating for the group. At least, online. Everybody has their own cell phones, but who doesn't in this day and age? We think some of the towers have gone down, since there are more dead zones than usual. (pardon the pun) It says a lot about the phone companies though, that we've still got signal in most places.

It makes me wonder if the zombies maintain some semblance of intelligence, or if they're being controlled by some mad scientist (Lor? Kris? Shanzi? Jay???) somewhere. They've shut down a lot of means of communication, and I don't think it's all coincidental. Satellite and cable seem to be the most reliable means of communication right now, with phone lines down from accidents or other things. Cable will probably be next, if there's intelligent design behind the movements. If not, who knows...

We are at Arizona Mills Mall, in Tempe, AZ. What remains of humanity MUST band together if we are to survive this! We need to find a place to come together, or at least to fight as one. Does anyone know of any other groups out there trying to organize anything? Let me know!

(I feel like we're running borrowed time. It's only a matter of minutes, probably, before one of the college kids start blaming it on Bush and setting one of the more rabid Republicans off.)

Keep fighting.

Survive at all costs.

Our *race* is at stake here. Not just our lives.
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Anakin and I are safe for now.

DO NOT, under any circumstance, go to our apartment if you know where it is.

The entire complex is a festering hive of zombies, and we're helping a guy set charges to blow it all up.

I was worried about having Anakin help me with this, but as the others said, "Every pair of hands is a help." In times like these, any able body is an asset.

And that kid is better at killing the living dead than I am! Who knew that letting him play with toy swords all his life would pay off like this?

Okay, more details later. I'm just grabbing the last of my stories (flash drive), and then we're heading to AZ Mills Mall. We're in touch with some people who have set up a base there. It's not ideal, but we'll have food and water and weapons.

Shit, gotta go
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I'm sure everyone...everyone that's left at least...has heard the news.

I'd wondered why WoW was all but abandoned today, and then the servers went down and

I thought it was just a bunch of kids. You know, those stupid teenage players that make shit up for attention.


Yeah, right.

There's nothing on TV about it. Hell, there's nothing on TV. I thought it was just shitty reception, but I couldn't get through to the cable company. The phones are all busy and

It's like the end of the world here. Windows crashing. Screams. I have to get Anakin out of here, but I don't know where to go. It's too hot out there to make a run for it, especially with a little kid.

How do you explain to a seven-year-old that...well, all of this! I told him there's zombies out there, and he laughed and said he'd protect me.

I have M's swords, but that's a little too close contact for my tastes.

If anyone has a car and a shitload of ammo...and a gun, of course...come get Anakin. Save him. If you can't get me too, fine. I just want to know that he'll survive.

Is anyone out there? Anyone close? Anyone reading this?

Why are all my friends on the other side of the country at a time like this?

Blog like it's the end of the world


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