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Anakin came home upset today.

My first question was, "What are you in trouble for this time?"

He quickly explained that it wasn't anything like that. He started to go off on a rant about two other kids on the way home from school, and I grew irritated that he doesn't know how to get along with other kids. As an only child, he can be a little overbearing and demanding, and still has problems compromising with others.

No, it wasn't anything like that. He calmed down and explained that the two boys were picking on another, smaller, kid while they were walking home from school. He yelled at them, stood up for the smaller kid, and they started picking on him for it.

Anakin didn't back down. He didn't act afraid. So they rode off on their bikes to taunt the smaller kid again, this time trying to get physical. And Anakin said he glowered at them, rushing toward them to help the smaller kid out.

The bullies rode away, because he stood up to them. He wasn't afraid of them. He knew they had no interest in a fair fight.

A mom couldn't ask more from their kid than that. I'm so proud of him I could cry.


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