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...and I just want to relax. :(

Everything has been getting so hectic, and it feels like I don't have time to breathe. I've been spending all my free time reading a series of books a friend recommended, which means I haven't gotten any writing done. I mean, you have to read to write. That's given. It's like saying you have to swim to dive in the Olympics. Big duh there.

And until a month ago, I hadn't been spending nearly enough time reading. Now that I'm caught up on that series, I want to write again. But I keep getting distracted by so many other things! It might be time to weed my Facebook list a bit, especially from all the political crap I've got on my feed.

I'll poke at it later. For now, I should sit down and write. Er, edit. Well, rewrite. My second draft is shiny, but it's just taking too long.
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Last week, Richard asked my family's permission to marry me. As in, started out with Anakin, since he's the most important. (Anakin is not entirely keen on the idea, but he's not exactly protesting either. It's all a bit much for him, and he's got some concerns, but he also wants me to be happy, and I can tell he really likes the idea of being a part of Richard's family except for one small problem...he's got a small crush on the one girl who will become his cousin. hehe)

Then he asked my dad's permission, which apparently completely tickled my dad because nobody ever asked him before. Or even took his opinion into account.

Then, since my parents are divorced, he called my mom.

Then, because my mom isn't nearly all that mature or responsible, he called my sister.

And, of course, he called his own son.

Then my brother, because my sis-in-law was feeling left out.

Followed by [profile] umilingual because she's an ex-roommate of both of ours, one of my best friends, and someone we both love and respect a lot.

And then his best friend, Moose.

I called his mom after that, not entirely sure what to say to her because he technically hadn't asked *me* yet. But since he was calling everyone under the sun, it didn't seem fair that I didn't call anyone.

And he still hasn't asked me. Technically. Later that night, he asked me a couple of times, "So, how do you feel about it?" And I gave playful, somewhat avoiding answers, because holy shit I was scared.

Terrified, really.

But that's okay. So was he. Even if he didn't act like it. I know him well enough now.

Tuesday we went out and bought rings. My engagement ring should be sized by next Wednesday. There will be pics on Facebook.

We have a tentative date. It's nerdy, so I hope I'll remember it. We are thinking about having it in Las Vegas, to make it easier for people who will have to travel from other parts of the country. We have our invitations narrowed down to a handful. We wrote our first list of people to invite, and then we'll take those lists to our parents to fill in the blanks like great-uncles or great-aunts who might want to at least send gifts.

He called me Mrs. last night in an intimate moment, and while I protested that it's not yet, it was still a huge turn-on.

So...he still hasn't asked me, yet. Not really. And I still haven't given him an answer yet.

But we both know it's yes.


Sep. 18th, 2011 07:49 pm
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Not much writing going on since I finished Elemental, but I've been doing a hell of a lot of reading. I have SO much to plot and plan. I want to get the mythology behind Elemental written, and then I'm really going to have to just force myself to finally make a map. World building is awesome and fun, but it's been a little bit daunting to realize that all the writing I've done the past five years has been world building for a larger story. I suspected it three years ago, and that's what contributed to the long writing hiatus on Elemental, but enough people have read it and agree with my assessment that it's official now.

Damn what a GOOD bit of world building!

Okay, that aside, I've been getting a little bit of editing in here and there, but I've taken a bit of a break to read a few things by [livejournal.com profile] knkfics the last week or so. Their writing always fills me with ideas and inspires me to write more, so in the long run it will balance out.

In other news, Anakin is taking piano lessons. I mentioned it on Facebook, but I'm just so proud that I felt the need to post it again for another set of peeps...and to have a more permanent place to note it, so when I go back in a few years and look again I can remember it with a fond smile. When I was little, we could never afford anything like that, and for the longest time in his life we still couldn't. Now I'm trying to make sure we can. It's a weird feeling, because I never even thought about things like after school activities being a part of my life or the life of my kid. Now I can, and it's a good feeling to be able to encourage him like this. I can't even begin to explain it.

Things are going well with The Evil Redhead. We're both pretty nonconfrontational, which is a bit of a strain at times, but it's making me come out of my shell and resolve things more often. We're both still learning how to deal with each other, and I *think* we're both growing from the experience. Well, I know I am. If he is or not is up to him. hehe Most of the time things are just...good. I like good. Good is a nice change. :D

Finally, I picked up a nice cold from the public germ farm Anakin goes to every week day. As TER said today, at least it won't interfere with our camping trip. I'm looking forward to it SO much. I'm not the outdoorsy type, I'll admit it. Still, I enjoy camping anyway. Getting away, experiencing new things, getting dirty and not caring, sitting at the campfire, relaxing in a tent, sitting in the middle of nature...wonderful. Just wonderful. I just don't get how anyone would not enjoy camping every once in a while. So, yeah, glad I'll be over this cold before we go camping. :D


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