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It's finished! Hurray! ^_^

Now I need to figure out what I want to finish next. Suggestions are welcome. I think I've gotten the most requests for "Riding the Wave", so that's what I'll open as soon as this is posted. I could be persuaded to look into something else, though, if anyone wants to offer bribes and/or flattery. hehe

Please enjoy the final chapter of Take Me. I enjoyed writing it.

Oh, and if anyone wants to beta for me, poke me and I'll send you an IM. (Come on, you'll get sneak peeks, credit in my stories, and you don't have to worry about painful grammar or spelling... ^_~)

Take Me, chapter twelve )
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This is the second to last chapter of "Take Me". I'm working on the last chapter and hope to have it up soon. It's time for me to finish all these fanfics and actually *work* on writing again. Feedback is more appreciated than ever. Don't make me beg. It's not a pretty sight.

If you missed the chapters that came before, or just need a refresher, all the previous chapters can be found in my memories.

RTW or Generations should be finished next, when I'm stuck on my original stuff. Just got to get the gears turning again. ~hugs~ Thanks for reading, in advance!

Take Me, chapter eleven )
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Good to know people are still interested in this fic. It's almost at an end...I think I've got two or three chapters left to write after this one.

This chapter contains semi-explicit m/m sex, of the threesome variety. If this bugs you, don't read it! Simple, yes?

If you haven't read this fanfic, and the thought of Clow and Touya and Yue in the same bed grabs your interest in a way you'd never even thought about before, the other chapters are stored in my list of memories under "Take Me". Feel free to check them out. I've been told they're nummy.

Take Me: Chapter Ten, Secondary Sky )


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